Heritage Consulting

With years of research experience and a strong familiarity with heritage in Vancouver,
I provide building research services for clients that include Statements of Significance, Heritage and Character Assessments, and Conservation Plans.

Statements of Significance (SoS) are a standardized document used by city officials and others to record the values of a building or site but they are not intended to be a comprehensive history or documentation. Values-based assessments are neutral and do not pass judgement on the design, condition, or history but place the site in the context of its surroundings and define its character defining elements. 

Character Assessments are relatively simple documents required for pre-1940s houses. They record the condition of a site, the surviving heritage elements while noting renovations and loss of character based on a seven point system developed by the City of Vancouver. 

Heritage Assessments are comprehensive documents that assess a site's development history, building condition, renovations, heritage character and more. They are required in Vancouver for houses situated in the Shaughnessy district.

Conservation Plans layout the condition of a building, capture the character defining elements (often provided by an existing SoS) and provides a road map for how those elements will be handled and treated in the development. The plan also provides a guide for making new elements fit with an existing structure.

Other Work As a consultant I have written a Lighting Strategy for Chinatown (2008), Chinatown's application for National Historic Site status (2010), along with international planning prize submissions. Current projects include the HoHo restaurant and working as part of a three member team on Steveston's National Historic Site application.

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Heritage Consulting

I provide Statements of Significance, Conservation Plans, Heritage Assessments and more for heritage properties.

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